Adam Roberts


With a huge array of skills and an captivating personality I can be sure I will bring a unique element and skills to your event. 
About Me
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Studying at Leeds College of Music a degree in music production then progressing to get a BaHons in Music production. 

During my final year as a student I was working full time as a technician at the famous LUU.
Whilst in Australia I started my love affair with diving and progressing through to an instructor, this has ulitmately taken me around the world and teaching in many countries. This has also taught me how to stay calm in any situation.



Full Time Employment
Starting my full time employment as a 'road technician' which involved being on the road everyday, rigging, operating and deriging events ranging from small systems to large concert arenas.
Project Management
In 2016 I breifly worked as a production manager and project engineer at an international audio company.


This is what I am now, I rely on my previous experience in many industries, invaluable knowledge and huge skill set to apply to your event to make it a success
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